Dragon Age: Inquisition

I play games pretty slow. Seeing as how I have been spending most of my time since this game came out trying to make games, it has taken me almost a year to finish this one. I did finally finish it, and I have some thoughts about it and the whole series. I really likeRead more

Indie Game Jam

I have made what feels like a major step in my life today. I just registered to go to an Indie Game Jam thing. Its where you get together with other people and work on games. I don’t know why but I am scared out of my mind. I almost didn’t do it, saying, “nextRead more


My history with Fallout is a pretty recent one. I missed the original games back in the day, being too young to have really been part of games when it first came out. That being said, up till now the only Fallout game I have played is the first one. I never finished Fallout. IRead more

The Beginning

This is where I will start all the madness. For a while I have been considering starting a blog. It seems kind of the thing to do when you are a creative person who wants to talk about creation in general. I got the idea for a blog from two places. Team Meat has aRead more